When Passion and Professionalism meet

Ciao a tutti! 

Ciccio, originally from Calabria (Italy), is well known for his cuisine in the Ticino area in Switzerland. With over 47 years of experience in running multiple restaurants, we can confidently say that he's an expert when it comes to food. Perhaps the most impressive achievement in his journey is being the Head Chef of the Italian national football team during the World Cup tournament in 2006 - where they became champions! There is a book with 50 of his special recipes, including what he cooked up for the football team in 2006. It's proudly on display at Il Salotto - come by and have a read! 
All of Ciccio's food is made with natural ingredients only - and a hell of a lot of passion! 

He has now made it his mission to come to the bustling city of Zurich and create something special here. Ciccio wants to be able share his specialties with as many people as possible around Switzerland, before he decides to retire. His true passion really shows when he speaks about his special creations and the natural ingredients he uses. He is more than happy to pass on his knowledge to anyone who asks about his expertise - he could speak all day about it!

Whether you just want to grab a quick coffee or enjoy a nice Apéro in the evening, come by and enjoy the atmosphere.

We are looking forward to welcoming you all to Il Salotto!